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The Story of

The mivtzoim shop

By Lubavitch Youth Organization

A passionate crew of young women would share the joy and mitzvah of lighting Shabbos candles with fellow Jewish women on the street. They would give out tealights in zip lock bags, or other creative packaging they created. One really talented girl etched a stamp out of rubber, creating beautiful candles which got stamped on brown craft boxes. They were so cute and it felt so genuine and heart-warming to give out such a personal, hand-crafted box. Once they were seen and got out there, so many women wanted them to share with others. We got lots of volunteers to stamp the boxes. At the rate it was going, we just couldn't get it stamped fast enough, so we needed to start printing them. And so we did! when they arrived, it was so exciting for everyone! Now these boxes are all over the US, Canada, France, Germany, and Australia.

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